KUK-Day 2020 - IHK Koblenz

‘Technological Revolution Made in Germany’: 
Sebastian Gsuck (Founder & Entrepreneur – Media Apes GmbH | Imnomersive Consultant)
René Rodigast (Fraunhofer IDMT – Business Manager | Dept. Acoustics)

On Friday, the 25th September 2020, IHK Koblenz (Germany) hosted ‘KuK-Day’ (Tag der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft/Day of Culture- and Creative Industries) with its partners Kreativer Raum Koblenz and Wirtschaftsministerium Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) in virtual space because of the current pandemic. 

In their talk ‘3D-Sound – Die neue Welt des Hörens’, they pointed out potentials this cross-section technology has created and constantly creates and how 3D sound provides possibilities for immersive experiences as well as effects on emotions and perception. It is proved that sound is almost more important for immersive experiences than vision. This is why 3D sound has a vast number of benefits for everything.

A brief summary of added value potentials for consumers but also for customers and business could be creating the most realistic image of spaces at any place in the world to make people feel like they are experiencing reality – and everything can be realized in real-time. From green-economy to medical science, research and treatments, the technology could be an immense gain for entire fields of business and science. 

The more possibilities with sound and immersion exist, the more creative possibilities are enabled. Music, art and culture can be created and presented in a whole new dimension and can travel through rooms, countries and even all over the world. That also leads to new options of events – especially caused by situations like the corona pandemic. 

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